About Babel Babble
Babel Babble is a noise masking app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Rather than try to silence noise, we obliterate it!
How does it work?

Turn on the sound of a chatty crowd in any of our custom languages, or jump straight in to our 'Polyglot Cacophony' -- a mixture of tons of languages all talking over each other.

Slip on some headphones, and you can drown out just about any irksome conversation.

My annoying sound isn't here!
Tell us your troubles! We're happy to expand our library. If you need 100 crying babies, just let us know. write support@babelbabble.com

What is Noise Masking?

By 'masking sound', we mean barraging you (the user) with sounds similar to the irritating noise around you.

For instance, one guy sitting next to you talking loudly on his cell phone about his sales meeting may be significantly more annoying than a crowd of 100 of the same guy (though certainly not less offensive to humanity).

We provide the other 99 sales guys.



The image in the background is 'The Confusion of Tongues', an 1865 engraving by Gustave Doré depicting the story of the Tower of Babel (seen here in the background). See the Wikipedia Article on Confusion of Tongues.

For each language, we took quite a few conversations and overlaid at least ten (usually more) speaking simultaneously. We tried to make sure we had a variety of accents, male and female, etc. As the application evolves, we'll try to create more specialty masking sounds.

Finally, check out our noise section. White noise sounds like TV static. Brown noise sounds like a waterfall. (See 'Color of Noise' on Wikipedia). We've added a plague of locusts as well. Expect many, rotating plagues in an upcoming version!

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