Drown out the Rabble with Babel Babble!

Nothing is a match for Steve from accounting when you're sitting next to him on his second annual trip to the sales convention in Tampa.

Nothing, that is, but
Babel Babble

We use proprietary NoiseObliterate technology (with SquelchFast!) to drown out just about any human annoyance.

Just match the masking sound to your surroundings (nothing blocks out German chatter like a good dose of Lärmüberwältigend!).

Then add a touch of tinny white noise or the soothing drone of some brown noise to help mask everything else.

Biblical Justice to Irritation

• We don't just quiet the noise. We unleash a plague of sound on it.

• We let you match the masking noise to your surroundings

• Our homebrewed Polyglot Cacophony contains literally handfuls of languages. It's not just a crowd -- it's the U.N. arguing over what food to order in.

• Plus, simulate the moments after languages diverged! Why did Japheth from Masonry just grab your hammer, and why is he now calling himself Bjørn?

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Learn far more about how Babel Babble masks noise-- why we got started, why we're the best noise blocker since the dawn of time, and how you can submit your own plague of sound to smite the irritations around you
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Find out more about 'The Confusion of Tongues', an engraving depicting the story of the Tower of Babel (seen here in the background), plus how we put together these sounds in our trivia section.